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Angled slats that allow light and air to pass through, but block out rain, direct sunlight, and noise. The angle of the slats may be adjustable (controlled manually or by an actuator), or fixed.



Used to stop or otherwise regulate airflow. UL rated fire/smoke dampers also block out heat and smoke to contain or vent harmful fumes and slow the spread of fire. Our dampers meet air leakage requirements set by ASHRAE, AMCA, and the International Energy Code Council (IECC), which encourages energy conservation efficiency in building envelope design and may also assist in obtaining credits for LEED projects.



We offer a variety of steel and aluminum, full-sized and duct access doors in a variety of configurations, including: foam filled, in-swing doors, out-swing doors, right hand doors, left hand doors, thermal break, and double doors, each with optional plexi-glass, wire glass or thermal pane viewports.

Rooftop Ventilation

Rooftop Products

A variety of equipment including: passive solar shading to strategically manage solar heat gain, equipment screens for enhanced buiding aesthetics, and penthouse louvers to allow ventilation while preventing water penetration

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US Green Building Council (USGBC) UL Classified Air Movement and Control (AMCA) Cesco products are made in the U.S.A.

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