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Combination Fire/Smoke Damper

Cesco dampers are available for either vertical or horizontal applications with optional factory-installed electric or pneumatic actuators, sleeves and position-indicating switches. Cesco Products' combination fire/smoke dampers are tested and classified in accordance with UL 555 and/or UL 555S, complying with NFPA 90A, 92A, 92B, and listed by the California State Fire Marshal (CSFM).
Our FSDSAF airfoil blade combination damper is designed for high velocity systems. Cesco has approved one of the largest multiple section horizontal units in the industry.

Fire/Smoke Damper

Our CFSD1 & 2 Triple "V" blade Tunnel Corridor combination fire/smoke damper has a standard 1-hour rating for corridor ceilings. This damper is designed for specific ceiling construction types allowed by the Uniform Building Code and the Los Angeles Uniform Building Code. Cesco Products manufactures a full line of horizontal and vertical louvers, control and fire/smoke dampers, gravity ventilators, and doors for the HVAC industry.

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